About Us

Kalverton OÜ started its activities in 1996 as a wholesale company of medicinal products.

Kalverton OÜ is a licenced wholesale company that is mainly engaged in imports and exports of medicinal products. Our area of activity also includes imports and exports of food supplements, semi-medicinal products, medical devices, raw materials and cosmetic products. It is also possible to order contractual manufacture of medicinal products as well as food supplements from European manufacturers through us.

Since 1997 Kalverton OÜ has also been a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Kalverton OÜ is based on equity capital.

The wholesale company is small – at the moment we have 10 employees – but very flexible and it responds fast to clients’ wishes. If necessary, we can supply medicinal products both in large as well as small quantities within 1-2 days. Our aim is to offer hospitals and pharmacies a wide range of goods and deliver the ordered goods as fast and of high quality as possible.

The basis for the long-term successful stay on the market for Kalverton OÜ has been the development of flexible solutions in order to satisfy the needs of hospitals and pharmacies better and faster.

Our main clients are Estonian hospitals and pharmacies. We also have clients in Latvia, Lithuania and elsewhere in Europe. Our main partners are wholesale companies and manufacturers from Belgium, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Greece, Poland, Turkey, India, France, Mexico, Switzerland, Romania as well as from Latvia and Lithuania.